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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Boring, boring Chonzie

Classed as the most boring munro known to man, it seemed a bit harsh for any mountain in Scotland to be classed as such. However, it was a fitting bit of exercise for Lady Charles and I to take an early winter perambulation in the highlands during our weekend visit.
The temperature w
as suitably low and a light dusting of snow in the hills, prompted us to stay in the car a little longer near the car park at Invergeldie. A wee little route wound round a delightful farm into a ravine with a burbling stream up towards a little dam. The route /car track/motorway continued upwards till almost the saddle between the main peak and the top of Invergeldie.

Then it hit us ...... from the north. A rather biting wind, that put the wind chill around -20oC, but opened up a most expansive view north and south. Boring? The scenery wasn’t for sure.
‘It’s a dog, I’m sure of it’ said Lady Charles. ‘Nonsense!’ I replied, ‘what sort of mad idiot would ..........’ - ‘Ah, hello - good day to you to , nice day for it ...’ I said as I spotted the fellow walkers. But their dog had spotted something else ... Arctic hare, and plenty of them. Near the summit ridge, there were dozens of them charging about. (Can you spot it !)

Route finding remained relatively easy following the line of old fence posts that kicked right along a broad plateau towards a stone shelter.

The wind increased and the summit shelter was a welcome relief. Cracking views north into the highlands proper, with the high peaks plastered in snow. Lady Charles and I dined at the summit, ‘where’s the water?’.... ‘Ah, I seem to have dropped it/forgot it ‘ . She was not amused, but we were suitably refreshed by the rest and fresh breeze to head back via the same route. With the northerly breeze bought a little snow on the wind but back to the car park as the light started to fade.

Another one ticked off, only 200 to go.

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